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EPG Promotions

Want to capture and celebrate the hard work of your team as they work on your project?


Do you need a production diary or featurette to round out your DVD/Blu-Ray extras?


Have a product or service you wish to sell with a dynamic print or video commercial?


EPG Promotions can meet all these needs. 


If you need a production diary, our skilled team can quickly and unobtrusively record what goes on behind the cameras.  As soon as production wraps for the day, we can create a high quality production diary to be shareed across all social media platforms within 24 hours.


For your production featurette, we will film the cast and crew, conduct interviews, as well as edit in scenes from both sides of the camera to create an interesting and entertaining feature.


For commercials (both print and video), our talented staff can sit down with you, plan out your marketing strategy, identify your target demographic, and come up with an advertising concept that meets your needs.  If you have your own concept already planned out, EPG Productions can provide a crew to bring your commercial to fruition.



Production Diaries

$100 per day

DVD Featurerette

$500 per day (camera operator+sound recorder)