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Individual Tracks

$100 per track up to 5

Complete Score (single use only)

$500 (up to 8 Tracks)

Complete Score (Full Rights)

$1000 (Up to 8 tracks)

You know how it goes.....


The movie is edited and looks great, but it's missing that one crucial element: a killer soundtrack!  But your budget is limited, and your not really impressed with all those generic royalty free music choices that someone else already used.


EPG Music is the solution.


Our in-house composer CMR can look at your finished movie and will create a unique score that captures the mood and atmosphere of your film.  In addition to having a one of a kind score, it will not be sold to any other production.  Full commercial use rights are included in the the cost.


Contact us for a free consultation.


Music purchaased for single use are to be used with the comissioned project (film, TV, or online).

Full Rights means that you are paying for the rights to use the music in any project you choose.

Any music purchase does NOT give the holder the right to sell on any form of media other than the project it was comissioned for.  Any release of the score for purchase on any platform, an agreement must be made with the EPG.

EPG Music