Equinox Production Group


Equinox Production Group llc.



Production Team

$1200 per day (first two days)

$1000 for each aditional day (day 3 until completion)*


$200 per day

Cinematographer/Camera Operator


Sound Recorder

$200 Per Day


$200 per day, $1000 after 5 days

Musical Score/Composer

$500 per score

Production Diaries

$100 per day

DVD Featurerette

$500 per day (camera operator+sound recorder)

At the Equinox Production Group, our experienced team of men and women will provide your production the right expertise to get the job done.  Our efficent and organized crew can get the shots you need, on time and on budget.  Whether you provide the equipment, or use ours, the EPG Film Crew will do the job right!

If you need production diaries or a DVD/Blu-Ray featurette, check out EPG Promotions Section.

EPG does more than make our own films.  Our company can provide full Production Capabilities for all types of projects (film, television, and online).  Our production team consits of a director, camera operator, sound engineer, editor, and additional staff if needed.

We also have a wide variety of cameras, lenses, tripods, lights, boom mics, stablizers and more.  We own and operate all our own equipment and we use the most current video editing and sound mixing software and equipment for your post production needs.

EPG Film Crew