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the ungulate production update


Equinox Production Group has released the final trailer for the ungulate on Facebook and Youtube.

The movie tells of 3 hunters that accidently kill a young girl and her father.  5 years later, they return to the scene of the crime, unaware that something in the woods is hunting them.

Staring Jessie L. Green (Killer Campout, Bigfoot), Mathew Amos (Bigfoot), Jeremy Amos (Citizen Wrappa: Da Movie) and Davy Lantz Jr (Bottom Creek, HogMaul), this full length feature will appeal to horror film fans of all types.

The film has wrapped principal photography, and is currently in the post production phase.  Release date will be forthcoming.

Please contact to set up interviews, request screeners and press photos.


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Equinox Production Group LLC. Announces Start of Five Exciting New Productions

A new movie, two short films, and two new series now in pre-production


Berryville— 7-7-19 — Today the Equinox Production Group LLC announced the start of pre-production on the following projects: Denigration (Movie), Hoodie (Short), Jack Tarmite (Short), Morbid Moments (Horror Genre Review Series), and Deep Cut Space (Sci-Fi Genre Review Series).


“We are very excited about starting production on these interesting new films and shows here at the EPG.” said Craig Michael Rosenthal, Chief Executive Officer of the Equinox Production Group LLC. “Not only will they showcase the incredible talent we have in the group, but provide audiences thought provoking, relevant, and exhilarating entertainment to all who watch.”


Denigration (Movie)

Valerie is emotionally and physically abused by her lout of a husband and his friends.  Having had enough, she enacts a horrific plan to stop the further denigration of her soul, and teach them a lesson.


“This movie is incredibly edgy and will not be anything like you expect.” said writer Craig Rosenthal.  “I know anyone who watches it to the end won’t be the same person when they started.”


Hoodie (Short)

Zuckerman and Gordon are part of the neighborhood watch.  While out looking for gang members, they come across what they think is a drug deal.  But little do they know there is more going on than what they think is happening.


“Inspired by true events, ‘Hoodie’ will tackle social issues in its short run time.” according to writer Matthew Lee Anderson.  “This short is intended to make people think and analyze their own feelings about race, their neighborhood, and the violence in our culture.”


Jack Tarmite (Short)

As a young boy, Jack Tarmite has had his share of hardships.  With his mother dead and forced to live with an abusive relative, Jack decides that something must be done to gain his freedom.  But at what price is he willing to pay?


Writers of the EPG feature “The Ungulate”, Jeffrey Miner and Davy Lantz Jr.  are presenting their take on Jekyll and Hyde, with Faustian elements to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.


Morbid Moments (Horror Genre Review Series)

“Morbid Moments” is a 6-episode series that provides news and reviews on horror related entertainment.  But like all good horror movies, there is a twist!  At the end of each episode, there will be a short film featuring the work of different local special effects artists and companies.


The series will be hosted by horror film alumni Deadly Davy Lantz Jr. and Creepy Cori Coulter.  It will also give local SFX houses to showcase their work in a fun and entertaining way.  “Morbid Moments” is a show that will provide horror hounds and new fans a well needed dose of terror!


Deep Cut Space

The Major and The Commander have been sent into space by their “Fair Haired Leader” to review movies and determine if they are acceptable for the general public.  Controlled by the ships computer “Maryland” these two men must use their keen intellect to not only make their determination, but stay on her good side.


Featuring movie critics Craig M. Rosenthal and Matt Anderson (“Terribly Awful” and “The Bloody Asylum”) deep cut space is a review show for those who were brought up on series like “MST3K” and “Red Dwarf”.  This 10-episode series goes beyond typical review shows with its humor, setting, and an ingrained story arc!  “Deep Cut Space” is the next generation in movie reviews!


For more information (press only), email Jake Waybright or Matt Anderson at