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Equinox Production Group llc.

Equinox Production Group LLC was created in by seasoned entertainment professionals to bring the “best possible movies, short films, online content, and TV programs out of the East Coast”.  Along with creating original content, EPG provides a vast array of production services; film crews, music, promotions, and photography. 


EPG is your new source for film and TV production.

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gallery/the ungulate movie posterwidevr2

As a young boy, Jack Tarmite has had his share of hardships. With his mother dead and forced to live with an abusive relative, Jack decides that something must be done to gain his freedom. But at what price is he willing to pay?


From the writers of the EPG feature “The Ungulate”, Jeffrey Miner and Davy Lantz Jr. are presenting their take on Jekyll and Hyde, with Faustian elements to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

The Ungulate (Feature Film)

Jack Tarmite (short film)

Jim, Allen, And Scotty Are Hiding A Dark Secret!

With The Town's Sheriff, They Covered Up A Crime Deep In The Woods.

Five Years Later, They Return...

Unaware What Is Waiting For Them!

Vengeance In The Form Of A Hoofed Animal On Two Legs.....