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Equinox Production Group LLC was created in by seasoned entertainment professionals to bring the “best possible movies, short films, online content, and TV programs out of the East Coast”.  Along with creating original content, EPG provides a vast array of production services; film crews, music, promotions, and photography. 


EPG is your new source for film and TV production.


Welcome to everyone from The Psychorama Sleepover!

EPG Sponsors Psycho Cinema's Psychorama Overnight 2: Monster Mash


Equinox Production Group LLC. is please to announce that we are one of the sponsors of Psycho Cinema's Psychorama Overnight 2: Monster Mash! hosted by The Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, VA.  We will also be showing a trailer for "The Ungulate" at this event.


From their Facebook Page:

"An Overnight Event That May Scare You Out of Your Jammies!
Scares so nice, we decided to do it twice!
Down some coffee, throw on your favorite PJs and grab a friend- its time for the Psychorama Sleepover!

Join Psycho Cinema on October 12th as we strap in for another all-nighter! Your $30 pass grants you access to six spine-tingling films, intermission activities, and a limited edition Sleepover goodie-bag!
Passes are available Alamo Drafthouse Website and at the Alamo box office!
Psycho Cinema will be hosting an item-drive and t-shirt sale in the weeks leading up to our Sleepover event benefiting Dakota’s Dream Animal Rescue.
Psycho Cinema is a gathering of ghouls drawn together by their mutual love of cinematic carnage. Join your host, Faye as she takes you on a horrifying journey through the annals of horror new and old. Members get early info on upcoming goodies and events that will both tantalize and terrify."


Tickets can be purchased through the Alamo Drafthouse Website or the Alamo Drafhouse App.

Welcome to the Equinox Production Group llc. homepage.  Here you can find information on our latest projects, learn about the services we provide, and pick up some sick merchandise

We are a multi-facited company, doing our own full length features, short films, online content and DVD's.  We also provide production services for independent films or programs.  

We are constantly adding new talent to our pool of gifted actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, and other entertainment professionals.

Take time to look around, and check out the links below to our upcoming movies and projects.  If you are interested in being a part of the EPG, send us a message!

Nice to see you all, and we appreciate the support.

gallery/the ungulate movie posterwidevr2
gallery/the ungulate movie posterwidevr2

Zuckerman and Gordon are part of the neighborhood watch. While out looking for gang members, they come across what they think is a drug deal. But little do they know there is more going on than what they think is happening.


“Inspired by true events, ‘Hoodie’ will tackle social issues in its short run time.” according to writer and director Matthew Lee Anderson. “This short is intended to make people think and analyze their own feelings about race, their neighborhood, and the violence in our culture.”

As a young boy, Jack Tarmite has had his share of hardships. With his mother dead and forced to live with an abusive relative, Jack decides that something must be done to gain his freedom. But at what price is he willing to pay?


From the writers of the EPG feature “The Ungulate”, Jeffrey Miner and Davy Lantz Jr. are presenting their take on Jekyll and Hyde, with Faustian elements to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

The Ungulate (Feature Film)

Hoodie (Short Film)

Jack Tarmite (short film)

Jim, Allen, And Scotty Are Hiding A Dark Secret!

With The Town's Sheriff, They Covered Up A Crime Deep In The Woods.

Five Years Later, They Return...

Unaware What Is Waiting For Them!

Vengeance In The Form Of A Hoofed Animal On Two Legs.....


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